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IceCaps Care Application ProcessThe IceCaps Care Foundation



Who does the IceCaps Care Foundation support?

The IceCaps Care Foundation is pleased to offer its support through in-kind donations or financial grants to registered charitable organizations (as defined by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency) who focus their activities on:

  • Educational Initiatives
  • Health and Wellness
  • Youth Programs

While the IceCaps Care Foundation supports many worthwhile causes, it is impossible to support every request that we receive.  The following areas/groups are precluded from support by the IceCaps Care Foundation:

  • Minor Sports associations and teams
  • Organizations not located in the province of Newfoundland Labrador
  • Sponsorship of Events
  • Religious or fraternal organizations
  • Profit-Based Businesses
  • Conferences
  • Individuals
  • Political Causes or candidates
  • Advertising
  • Endowment Funds
  • Third Party Fundraising – defined as an event put on by one community group or organization for the benefit of another group or charitable organization.

For the groups listed above, while you would not qualify for funding through the IceCaps Care Foundation, you may apply for in-kind donations through the IceCaps Hockey Club Community Partnerships department.

How can I apply for support?

In-kind contributions of IceCaps memorabilia are made on an on-going basis.   All requests must be submitted in writing on organizational letterhead or via online application form a minimum of six weeks prior to your event.  Faxed requests and phone calls will not be accepted.

Applications for financial grants are reviewed by the IceCaps Care Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Proposals for grants must be received by mail and should, at minimum, include:

  • Complete contact information and registered charitable number
  • Outline of the organization’s mission and mandate
  • Detailed project description including timeline, measureable outcomes, how many people will benefit and the potential impact on the community
  • Exact funding amount requested and detailed budget for the project
  • Recognition opportunities for the IceCaps Care Foundation
  • Please ensure that the following donation request form is a part of application package


Requests should be mailed to:

IceCaps Care  Foundation

P.O. Box 1880, Station C

St. John’s, NL

A1C 5R4


How will I know if my request has been accepted?

Organizations will be contacted by telephone or email if their request is approved and by mail if it is not.  The IceCaps Care Foundation will do its best to reply to your requests within four weeks of receiving it, however, due to the large number of anticipated requests we expect to receive, please do not call to follow on your requests as we are unable to provide status updates.