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Arctic Awareness Program


A  partnership between Grace King, a grade twelve student at Holy Heart of Mary High School and the IceCaps Care Foundation, brings the discussion on the Arctic and climate change to classrooms around our community through The Arctic Awareness Program.

By connecting Grace’s personal experiences in the Arctic during the Students On Ice program she attended, along with the educational information on the region, both Grace and the IceCaps Care Foundation aim to spread the awareness of climate change.

The Arctic Awareness Program explores three core understandings:

  • What the Arctic region represents for our planet
  • How the Arctic ecosystem is being impacted by climate change
  • Why it is important that we act now to fight climate change

Topics covered in a 15 to 20 minute PowerPoint presentation featuring interactive informational questions for students and Grace’s own photographs from her expedition to the Arctic, aim to effectively convey the message to youth while highlighting a connection to their own school curriculum (e.g. Ecosystem and Habitat topics).

Such topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The changing climate in the Arctic region
  • Species like the polar bear that are being drastically affected by the shifting ecosystem
  • The people who inhabit the North

The final element of The Arctic Awareness Program is a hands on project, introduced to students after the presentation and discussion, which they can continue in the weeks/months following our visit. The project objective encourages students to explore one aspect of their choice, relating to climate change in the Arctic, by making a video, poster, song, or other medium as a class effort.

About the Speaker:

GraceGrace is a grade twelve student in the International Baccalaureate program at Holy Heart of Mary High School in St. John’s. Alongside her role as president of Student Council, she is an active member of Chamber Choir, Social Justice Club and Rotary’s Interact Club, as well as a leader of the Mental Health and Wellness Committee. In summer of 2015, she participated in an expedition to the Arctic with the educational program Students On Ice. On expedition, she had the opportunity to observe glaciers and Arctic wildlife, perform scientific experiments, and witness the drastic impacts of climate change firsthand. Grace is an advocate for environmental activism and hopes to pursue biological sciences or journalism in her post-secondary studies.

For more information regarding The Arctic Awareness Program or other community programs offered by the IceCaps, please contact Trevor Murphy at [email protected].